Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reflection: Make Cycle 2

I originally planned out the "complex" of my one pagers in a Portal inspired design, but as I began going into the actual construction I found it to be overly technical compared to the time frame allotted. I had intended for much more to be available within the compound. Even including a story centered around understanding that the truth of this world can only be formed through shared perspectives and listening to one person only causes the truth to be twisted. 

 If i decided to make this again i would like to have more time and  I would plan more ahead based on my limitations.


  1. I am a Minecraft addict, so I think this was really cool. I enjoyed the "Portal inspired design". I also agree with the last sentence of your first paragraph when you said "the truth of this world can only be formed through shared perspectives" because nothing can be considered truth unless multiple people accept it and it's proven numerous times.

  2. This is very cool and creative. I agree with Briony about what you said at the end of your last paragraph about truth being shared opinions. Truth comes from multiple people saying that it is true. Ever try and win an argument where you are the only person that believes it?