Monday, October 7, 2013

Midterm Assignment

  Hello, for my reflective blogpost I'm taking a look at my previous blogpost and doing a self narration's for the 3 previous post. To be totally honest I didn't understand the ideas and reasons behind the assignments and only recently figured out what I was supposed to do for the post. 

First Reflective Post:
First Week Woo!

This post may have been a little too short of a post. I was really just excited to be going to collage and I hadn't even read the reflective post assignment and just wrote something to express my excitement. 

Second Reflective Post:
Steam Punk Stuff.

In the second reflective blog post, after I had been told I had done my first reflective post was done incorrectly, I read over the requirements and couldn't really understand it. My brain tried to find something to latch onto and "creative interest" was what got stuck in my mind. I ended up finding a lot of cool pictures from a subculture/artist expression that I'm interested in and have written stories related to it. That I wish I would have included because it would have been included to somewhat meet the requirements of the assignment.

Third Blog Post:

I've really already done this one. I finally got a grasp on the reflective blog post and that really helped because I was starting to worry about my grades but I think I'm going to do fine now. I still look back and wished I would have used another medium for my project.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reflection: Make Cycle 2

I originally planned out the "complex" of my one pagers in a Portal inspired design, but as I began going into the actual construction I found it to be overly technical compared to the time frame allotted. I had intended for much more to be available within the compound. Even including a story centered around understanding that the truth of this world can only be formed through shared perspectives and listening to one person only causes the truth to be twisted. 

 If i decided to make this again i would like to have more time and  I would plan more ahead based on my limitations.